This Is Why Invicta Improved Conversion Rate by 100% with SKIN

by Matteo Davoli
Pure quality since 1906

Invicta has been loved for more than a century by students and travellers thanks to its traditional character, quality raw materials and legendary design. In the last few years, Invicta Management accepted the challenge of focusing on online business and optimise e-commerce performances. Discover how Invicta improved its e-commerce Conversion Rate by more than 100% migrating from Magento 2 to Skin.

Performance improvement

Despite its optimal reputation among customers, Invicta needed to make a step forward with the e-shop customer experience. In particular, the management asked us the two following questions: which KPI are essential for our e-commerce? Where can we have a significant improvement? How are these KPI affected by website technology? Conversion Rate and Bounce Rate are the areas with the most significant improvement potential. Skin provided Invicta with a substantial upgrade in its front-end layout, features, and speed, with consequent massive improvements in terms of revenues and sales.

How was it possible?

How could Skin guarantee this kind of performance to Invicta? Which factors affected Conversion Rate and Bounce Rate? Page load optimisation and a whole new layout were the keys. Do you know that 1 second in page speed can produce up to +7% of revenues per day? Skin delivered more than 3.5-second page load reduction. Discover how Page load time can affect the Conversion Rate. The clean and usability focused SKIN design helped Invicta reduce checkout steps, improve product exploration and product configuration. With extra speed and a brand new User Interface, SKIN delivered an overall seamless user experience for its visitors, significantly impacting revenues.


By adopting Skin, Invicta had the opportunity to introduce critical missing features that make a business difference. New Apple Pay, Google Pay express checkout had a rapid adoption rate. Invicta began to convert an average of 20% of its abandoned carts with a significant investment return with abandoned cart recall automation. So, look at the boxes below: some of these features are also missing on your website?