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Everything you need to know about SKIN features and how to setup the best customer experience for your shop

Page Builder
A powerful Page Builder that requires no code, just your creativity

We released a powerful tool for content creation that helps website manager to create and maintain rich content without having to code html or css. The Page Builder works for pages, products and listings. It includes a rich set of visual blocks and components that are part of our evolution program, meaning that every two quarters we release new and updated versions.

Works like magic for pages, product page enrichment and product listings

We designed the Page Builder to extend its functionality to all essential areas of the website, such as landing pages, listings, and product pages.

Use Cases
Listing Headers
Multiple widgets
Listing feed
Widgets within products
Product Page
Multiple widgets & carousels
Static pages
Launch landing pages with ease
Add widgets to your menus

New powerful capabilities to the page builder allow you to insert blocks between products in listings, a whole new mobile-tablet-desktop live preview, and new widgets available.

Media Use Cases
Hosted, embed
Autoplay Video
Muted autoplay videos
Animated GIFS
One size doesn't fit all

Recognizing that one size doesn't fit all, our tool empowers you to tailor content for each device type—be it mobile, tablet, or desktop. Easily specify which text and images appear on which device. Want a shorter headline for mobile users or a different image for tablet viewers? No problem!

Device customisation
Custom text for each device
Custom images for each device
Custom alignments for each device
Call to Action
Custom text for each device
Real-time Previews

Visualize changes instantly. As you tweak your design, witness in real-time how it appears on various device sizes, ensuring what you see is what your users get.

Other features
Content scheduling
Publish content in the future
Multi Editing
Edit multiple languages or stores
Save and reuse your favourite blocks
Direct CDN Upload
Upload to Cloudfront with one click

Testing multiple landing pages is a great way to optimize your e-commerce website for conversion rates. By creating different landing pages for different keywords, audiences, and products, you can better target your potential customers and increase the chances of them making a purchase.
Conversion Rate
Google, Shopify, BigCommerce
Discover our Page builder widgets
Mobile Native
Born mobile

Skin is both in its design and technology born as a Mobile experience. We support entirely different User Interface for desktop and mobile, and every component has specific behaviours for the two mediums.

App like interactions

SKIN has similar technology to mobile applications, and each page transition is immediate, seamless and doesn't require loading a new page.

Abandoned cart recall
E-mail automation for every cart that is abandoned

SKIN has built-in routines that trigger your e-mail automation service to send multiple e-mails to recover a customer purchase experience. For example, after 8 hours, 24 hours and 48 hours, your customer started the purchase experience. You can customise different templates, timings and add promo code to have your best chances to convert to a complete purchase.

Send rich and engaging e-mails

SKIN recovers all the information about the abandoned cart and enables your team to craft a rich and engaging e-mail with a higher chance to convert.

Advanced search (AI)
Autocomplete a rich mix of possible results

SKIN includes quick search systems that present results while typing. The search solution can provide results from several content classes such as pages, listings, and products. From the SKIN Admin, your Shop Manager can supplement categories and pages with a list of keywords to drive the customer to the correct result.

AI Driven Capabilities
Corrects Spelling Mistakes and Typos
Automatic Synonyms Recognition
Recommendation Engine (AI)
Powerful Recommendation Engine

SKIN includes a powerful recommendation engine that can be used to drive the customer to the pertinent items. The engine can be used to drive the customer to the correct result based on the customer's browsing history, shopping cart, product sales performances.

Best Sellers, Trending, Hot Products, Visitor Recommendations
Automatic Optimisation and Unlimited Display possibilities
Notify me button
Product is temporary out of stock? Get notified!

Even when your products are out of stock, you don't want to lose any revenue. With SKIN, your customer can subscribe for notification as soon as the product is available again.

Pre-order button
Enable our customer to pre-order new products

Good marketing strategy often begins with pre-launch. With SKIN, you can let your customer pre-purchase new products before they are available.

Guest Checkout
Enable non registered users to purchase seamlessly

SKIN checkout pattern introduces guest checkout as the default experience for optimal conversion rate.

Do not lose a lead or user registration

While making it easy to purchase, we still ask the guest to opt-in for the newsletter. After the end of the purchase experience, you can also choose to prompt user registration.

Express Checkout
Express checkout with Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Amazon Pay

SKIN has a built-in feature for express checkout with the most popular payment providers like Paypal, Apple, Google and Amazon. Our User Experience design makes it easy to start an express checkout from the product page with only one button.

Multiple Gateways
We support multiple payment choices

SKIN supports multiple payment gateways such as Stripe and Adyen as primary providers. We provide full integration for Paypal and Amazon express checkout. Coming in Q3 2021, release our new Split Payment partner as an additional payment solution.

3 Step Checkout
Checkout in three simple steps, one page

SKIN checkout design is optimised to three simple steps: address with Google autofill, shipping selection and payment. The checkout is a one-page experience, and the customer can move freely from one stage to the other without page loading.

Google Address autofill
No more 7 input form for address

SKIN checkout includes Google Autocomplete and Autofill with one input that fills Address, Civic Number, City, CAP, and State. The system integrates Google Maps API.

Free shipping quota tips

SKIN cart integrates a feature that helps the customer to reach the required free-shipping amount. Your Store Manager can configure specific categories of product used by our algorithm to suggest products in the cart.

Multistore and localisation

SKIN fully integrates multistore and localisation features from the backend. Your Store Manager can define specific contents for pages, listings, and product enrichment.

Catalogue images optimisation

SKIN supports Store Managers' work providing a set of automation that cut, resize, compress catalogue images, and upload them to the Distribution Network. SKIN front-end uses the small-blurred version, @1x, @2x and jpeg, PNG, and WEBP formats to create a graceful quick loading of visual elements.

SEO Friendly

SKIN server side rendering technology is 100% SEO friendly. Compared to common single-page-applications or PWA, SKIN renders the first page load on the server side providing speed and optimal data availability for Search Engines.

Products Look
Configure relationships between product and create suggested looks for your customer

Within SKIN Admin, you can create a group of products displayed on product pages, editorial pages or landing pages and showcase the best combination use cases for your offer.

Consumable products or services? Enable your customers to subscribe

Subscriptions are a fundamental tool for your Store manager to build a service or consumable offer for your customer base and increase your community's lifetime revenues.

Split payments
The new standard for online purchase

Split payments are becoming a new standard in e-commerce, and SKIN is implementing Split-it as the default split payment solution. Your customer will be able to purchase with no interest in multiple instalments.

Merchandising Automation Rules
Move Out of Stock Items at bottom of listing

SKIN Admin provides a feature that allows you to move out of stock items at the bottom of the listing. This is a great way to reduce chance the user to click on OOS items and increase your sales.

Select product child in stock

SKIN Admin provides a feature that allows you to automatically select a product child (size-color) always in stock. This is a great way to reduce chance the user to click on OOS items and increase your sales.

Visual Components
Explore a rich set of visual components that your Store Manager can use to design beautiful pages, listings and product details.
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