SKIN for United Pets: performance revolution

by Matteo Davoli
The best friend of our pets

United Pets takes care of your 4-legged friends by creating functional objects like bowls, kennels, toys, kits and many others. All this enriched by the Italian Design, value-added for many customers. United Pets Management decided to adopt the SKIN frontend to face offline-to-online market transition better and improve its e-commerce performances. Discover how United Pets and Skin created a winning digital partnership!

Performance improvement

Conversion Rate and Bounce Rate are some of the most critical KPI to evaluate the health of your e-commerce. United Pets took a big jump in both the factors by adopting some SKIN features and best practices: correct product configuration, listing filters setup and 3 step checkout. The consequent improvement was stunning in terms of revenues and sales. United Pets started a new performance-driven e-commerce journey! Have a look at the KPIs below!

How was it possible?

The improvement in Page Load Time was one of the most crucial drivers of success for the new United Pets e-commerce. The new website, integrating Skin headless solution, upgraded to a substantial seven-time faster page loading time. Now visitors can enjoy comfortable navigation and user experience. Did you know that 1 second in page speed can produce up to +7% additional revenues per day? And that's not all! Discover how Page load time can affect the Conversion Rate

Feature comparison

United Pets website lacked features and stability. With SKIN, we introduced 3-step checkout, multiple express checkouts, abandoned cart recall, optimised listing pages, texture colour swatches, configurable products, new visual blocks and branding elements, shipping threshold suggestions, multi-class search products, pages, categories, additional payment methods. With our content builder's power and ease of use, the store management team can now frequently release new landing pages and product pages with rich contents.