January 2023 - Skin Release Notes

by Matteo Davoli
Re-usable Skin Blocks

With the latest Skin & Skin Admin release you can access the new Blocks section where the store manager can create set of blocks that can be assigned to multiple products or entire categories.

Assign blocks to multiple SKUS

Withing the setting panel you can manually assign SKUS by searching the product names or by pasting a comma-separated list of skus to assign the block to X products

Use massively the skin_blocks magento attribute

For a massive assignment of multiple blocks to multple products you can configure a simple text magento attribute that can contain multiple blocks Ids separated by comma.

Then you can simply import from CSV or edit in magento the skin_blocks field to assign X blocks to products.

Assign blocks to an entire category or multiple categories

On a different note you can opt to assign the blocks using categories as a target from the Setting panel choose assign category.

Suggested use cases
Use Case
Size guide
Setup a reusable size guide block for multiple products
Discover other product from this category carousel
Create a title, spacer, and carousel and assign it to an entire category with ease.
Discover other product from this collection
Create a title, space and carousel for a group of product such as a collection and create useful links.
Blocks for desktop navigation

With our latest release you will find a new section inside category called nav blocks. From this page builder area you can add and customise desktop navigation areas using blocks.

This feature requires a specific customisation and configuration for your project.

Additional features
Release notes
Support for multiple filters
Backend support for multiple filters like filter for two colors, two or more sizes. You can require customisation of filters and enable the feature on the frontend.
Hide specific filters in specific categories
Requires configuration from DR Team. Just report the filter you want to hide X category Ids.
Merchandising Rule: automatic child selection
Is now possible to enable automatic selection of visibile child for configurable prodcts. This option enables our middleware to automatically select first size available that is not out of stock. You can still have the option to manually override this rule.